An online community of people helping each other to achieve more.

This is awesome! Where do I start?

Ok, so the bad news is Motimate is not yet ready to launch. The good news is Motimate will soon be ready to launch.


Motimate is currently being built by Kieran Harrington-Ball and Timothy Mwirabua on a shoestring budget. Our dream is to create an inclusive, supportive community of proactive people. And we need your help!


OK, how can I help?

Help us to create Motimate.

We want this site to be genuinely useful and valuable to the community. Got an idea for a feature? Or want to give feedback on the existing designs? Sign-up here and we'll be in touch.

Sign up as a mentor.

We’re looking for some awesome people to sign up to be our first mentors. You don’t have to be an expert or a professional, you just need passion for your topic, whatever it is, and a desire to give back.

Join the community.

Be one of our first users and help to shape the community! Just leave your email address and we’ll keep you updated on our launch date.